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Entry for June 15, 2006 Bernie Zuch. Long Island NY
 Lloyd....You are truly a classic in your own right. Your assembly of these vintage microphones are something I admire. This website is absolutely a creation of art itself. I love to view the microphones you've come to accumulate after all these years of collecting.

Somehow, I take the full responsibility of starting you on this venture. I sold you your first microphone back in January of 2000...and I truly believe that I started you on what has become an addiction. The microphone I sold you was the Shure model 315. Remember ?

In any case, you have entered the worldwide group of professional vintage microphone collectors...and have become a key player in that arena.

Keep up the good work....and when you get old and tired of collecting, you can eventually sell off your collection for a few million dollars....and will be able to afford a very luxurious nursing home !!   LOL...


Seriously....I am so proud to see how you've evolved into a knowledgeable expert in this field. It is sincerely my pleasure and honor to have known you.

Keep up the great work.

Bernie Zuch    (retired motion picture sound engineer)
2006-06-15 16:07:28 GMT
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Author:Lloyd B
Yes Bernie, I remember, how could I forget. thanks anyway.
2006-06-15 16:12:48 GMT
Author:Lloyd B
Yes Bernie, I remember, how could I forget. Thanks anyway.
2006-06-15 16:15:56 GMT