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Entry for March 21, 2008 Marco van der from Holland

I must compliment you on your great looking microphone site, it is wonderfull.


I am a user/collector from Holland, still working on a decent presentation of my

mics, but I would like to make a few remarks about details:


in your Austrian mics is a Sennheiser, which comes from Germany.


in your British mics, there is a Philips , this is a Reslo RV mic( also sold by Philips).


The Reslo RBH is to me known as Trix, closely resembling the Filmindustries M8.


The Reslo 'Velocity' is model RBW and is the one actually used by the Beatles (although the bottom part can look different RBT/L).


The description'Velocity' was never used by any manufactor outside USA, although there is a French version of an Amperite, called 'Velocibel'.


The photo beneath the 'velocity mic' is a different, longer studio version, I think model 400).


The Fostex is Japanese, not British.


Finally your unknown mic is also japanese, probably Aiwa.

I hope you see did as an addition to your excellent work, it is by no means criticism, but some of the details are hard to find out.

with regards,


Marco van der Hoeven


The Hague,


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2008-03-22 03:17:24 GMT